About Us

Take Your Business into the Future with AKSAN!

Aksan is a software company passionately committed to technology, providing innovative solutions to its customers. Founded in 2010, our company consists of a team specialized in software development and consulting services.

We use the latest technologies and best practices to help our customers achieve their business goals and gain a competitive edge. Adopting a strategic approach to every project, we work to fully understand our customers’ needs and provide the most effective solutions.

As Aksan , we serve many customers across various industries, from small to large businesses. Our main services include Construction ERP software, Manufacturing ERP software, and Real Estate Sales CRM software. We offer a wide range of services, including software development, web applications, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. By adopting a unique approach tailored to each project, we ensure the highest level of transparency and trust in collaboration and communication.

Our mission is to add value to our customers and contribute to their success. In line with this mission, we continuously evolve to meet our customers’ needs by using the latest technologies and best practices.

Our passion, innovation, and commitment to quality distinguish us as a team. As Aksan , we aim for excellence in every project and work with determination for our customers’ success.

By working with us, you can achieve the digital transformation of your business and gain a competitive advantage. We, as Aksan , will be happy to work with you and assist you in reaching success.

Stand Out with Our Digital Solutions from Manufacturing to Real Estate!

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