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Real Estate CRM

CRM is an acronym for “Customer Relationship Management” and is referred to in Turkish as “Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi.” CRM is a business strategy and technology application used by an organization to manage customer relationships, and to monitor, analyze, and improve interactions with customers more efficiently.

Solend ERP

ERP is an acronym for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and is referred to in Turkish as “Kurumsal Kaynak Planlaması.” ERP is a software or system that integrates and manages all of a company’s business processes. It helps businesses plan, monitor, and manage their resources (finance, human resources, production, inventory management, supply chain, sales, customer relationships, etc.) more effectively.

Drive Your Real Estate Success!

Our real estate CRM services help you manage your real estate operations more efficiently and in an organized manner. We offer a specialized solution that strengthens customer relationships, optimizes your sales and marketing processes, and ensures your data is secure and accessible. The technological support you need to drive your real estate success and grow your business is here with you!

"Optimize Your Production, Increase Success!"

Our Production ERP services enable you to manage your production processes with the highest level of efficiency. Providing an integrated structure, it allows you to have control at every step from the supply chain to production planning and inventory management. Utilize our Production ERP solutions to use your business resources more effectively, reduce costs in production, improve quality, and gain a competitive edge!

Stand Out with Our Digital Solutions from Manufacturing to Real Estate!

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